Good morning to every angel.

Good morning to every angel.Hope you all wake up in a good mood, but for those who are in bad just smile and enjoy this beautiful summer day as well as you can.(Or just look the next photo and I’m 100% sure that you will laugh.I did looking myself..hah it’s really funny..Don’t you think?)


That’s the way I wake up every day.(Ok I don’t wake up exactly like hair always mixed and I don’t wear make up & lipsticks..I just wake like all of you my pretty girls). But the sure is, if not everyday, but very often I wake up in such a good and crazy mood, with the effect to make others smile.





The reality is that I have a personality characteristic that many people take it worth many times.(Not exactly for the others is bad but for me).

As I always wanna make others smile I act like a ”stupid girl”. I don’t do stupid things but I say many to make my friends laugh.That is something that makes me feel amazing.I love when I see in people faces smile.It’s the most beautiful thing in one person.So as I’m doing that to make them smile I end up with the title ”The blonde ” haha ok don’t joke it’s ok. My closer friends and family knows me very good and to be a journalist you can understand too that I’m not stupid.



And from the ”Stupid blonde girl” let’s go to the shots you see here now. The photoshooting takes place at the ”Crystal Hotel” in Taxim at Turkey, and I just wanna say big thanks for the kindness, the services and the warm welcome we have.

I felt like being in my home in this beautiful hotel.During the shots we had lot of fun and it was great.I’m wearing Victoria’s Secret  Pink  Satin Sleep Shirt. Isn’t it so cute?




Here are some new Victoria’s Secret stuff I bought recently.I’m just addicted to these beauty pink perfume and body lotions.

large (5)


large (6)

large (7)


That’s a part of my Victoria’s Secret crush.I’m sure that there isn’t any girl that gets crazy with all the Victoria’s Secret products.(And I’m sure that the boys loves too looking their girls wearing the unique Victoria’s Secret creations). Hope you like today’s post.Waiting your comments angels.

xoxo Sending kisses to all of you fashion angels



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