Hi guys! Today’s post is about ”Night lights”.

As I told you before, at the ”1st DAY IN ISTANBUL” post I have to share another post about the night in this beautiful country.


I will start with one question..How you feel when the night comes?

It’s when the sun goes down.. and moon comes out, in the beautiful dark sky with many stars..which shining all night..It’s like a pattern of haute couture black dress designed by Ellie Saab. Bringing in my mind it’s such an amazing piece of my favorite designer..So the night is it true that can inspire you..Many writers,singers,poets,designers get inspiration from the magical that broadcasts the night..Is it true that night sometimes good and sometimes is bad for us..We’re not always in a good mood…Sometimes we feel melancholic and we wanna stay alone..alone with the night.To think,cry,to forget,to forgive and to feel…the love,the fear or the hateness..


The night make us feel and act like strangers..None knows the reason but always there are many excuses. It’s not always like this..On the other hand, there are many nights we aren’t alone..We are with big companies,with our friends,with our family or in the best choice with our boyfriend/girlfriend.
It’s always as you know depends from our mood.When we sad, we stay alone and when we are good we wanna share our happiness. It’s like today I wanna share with you my happiness.It’s difficult to be always happy, I know is impossible.Becase life is like a cardiogram..So that’s our life..With its upside downs..The less we can do is enjoy our life and try to stay happy..Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.


So I think someone talks a lot here.Going to the point,I will take you back to my trip to Istanbul.Ths night was a rainy but-crazy and happy- night.I won’t forgive it.As we went from our hotel we saw that it was raining..And what we do?Off course we didn’t stay inside.We smiled and went out to have fun.We even dance in the rain.Cause we’re young and we do what we want.We live the moment and enjoy every moment.That what you should do.Don’t stay at home in front of a computer.Go outside..The life we have is a gift from God..Don’t wast time to enjoy the life..:)

Αντίγραφο από DSC_0521_







Αντίγραφο από DSC_0534_p

1Red skinny pants by Zara

2.White top by Chanel

3.Leather black biker jacket by Zara

4.High black boots


xoxo hope you liked my post.


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