Hello from beautiful Thessaloniki!!

Hope you’re all doing well sweet hearts. It’s been a crazy week for me.I had to travel to Thessaloniki,back to my village and to Athens many times in a week because of some meetings I had there.That’s why it was a crazy week like a ride at roller coaster.I was invited by my favorite writer in his presentation of his new book. It was an honor to  attend the 34th Thessalonikis Book Festival, at the presentation of the new book ”Μη με λησμονεί” by the writer and actor Kostas Krommudas.


As  I always love to  much work with fun.Ι find time to spent my afternoon with my best friends from Thessaloniki. So before I tell you about my outfit and what I wore, I wanna tell you a little things about my two best friends from Thessaloniki. I’m gonna share the photo we took together and tell you more about them.


So I will start from the boy because he is the only boy in our company. Dimitris, is 20 years old student and football player.Except of that he is a very good boy in company.He always makes you happy and smile. I remember when I wasn’t good many times and he always found the right words to make me better and I will never forget how much he was by my side when I loose my daddy.How I could describe Dimitri? I find him very humorous,good boy,very gentle,convivial
friendly,creative person,passionate with what he wanna do in his life,decisive,funny and easygoing person.Well I think I add many positive words to describe him but that’s the truth if you get to know him.He actually have all that things in his personality.And of course I will tell you a bad  characteristic in his personality.He is very very stubborn.I can’t take any decision with him 😛 So let’s go now to my second best friend which I met recent but we come very close and be best friends.The characteristic we have with this girl in our friendship is ”honesty”.We  always say to each other the truth even if it hurts,because we want the best, and a best friend never lies.So Katerina is 20 years too and she is student and my best girl friend.How I could describe Katerina? She is a very good girl,very beautiful,easy going person,friendly,very emotional girl,generous,loyal,modest,independent,reliable person,sensitive and sociable.She always here when I need her,and nowadays when friendships going bad it’s a bliss to have such a good friends like mine.I always trust them and I’m happy to be a part of this company.Love you guys.I wanna say ”a big thanks” for all the times you were here for me, and for all you do and support me. ❤







So let’s go to my other love..which is FASHION.As you see in the photos I choose to wear my maxi black plisse skirt, with my fuschia crop top, my fuschia handbag and my black high heels. As many of you already know Maxi dresses and skirts are very trendy this summer and almost all popular brands included maxi skirts in their summer 2015 collections. Skirt in lightweight fabric is perfect for hot weather. If completed with proper top and accessories, maxi skirt will create romantic look  or a boho style.The maxi skirt is the key to a mature and transitional wardrobe with bags of style, and unabashed fashion cred. This look will bring you comfortably from office to rooftop bar post work cocktail hour.




Unlike mini and midi skirts maxi skirts and dresses are a bit capricious and you should know how to match them with shoes. There are some style rules about matching maxi skirt with shoes and if you have bought maxi skirt for summer you need to know them.

Αντίγραφο από DSC_0874


Αντίγραφο από DSC_0871



The best combination is maxi skirt with flat sandals. Both pieces are perfectly suitable for summer. There are different designs of sandals and all of them can be worn with maxi skirt. If you have chosen skirt with ethnic prints go for brown or gladiator sandals. If you want to look taller you can match maxi skirt with wedges. Shoes in pastel tones can be matched with any color and print.If you have chosen elegant style of dress or skirt for special occasion you can match it with heels. Choose ankle strap shoes or the ones with chunky heels.Never wear boots with maxi skirts and dresses. This will give masculine look to romantic and feminine skirt. Another style that should be avoided is sneakers. Sporty shoes are not suitable for cute skirts.

So that was for today’s post.All about the maxi skirts.Hope I was helpful with my tips. Until next post wish you to have a great time and always smile and be stylish.

xoxo Maria Pasiali


Αντίγραφο από DSC_0870

1.Maxi black plisse skirt by ZARA

2.My fuschia crop top by ZARA

3.My fuschia handbag by ZARA

4.My black high heels by ZARA

5.My Pearl Gold Chocker Necklace by ZARA








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