Chiara Nasti is an Italian famous fashion blogger. Although she is 17 years old she has already many fans on facebook and on Instagram.She’s living a typical tennage life, going to school and writing on her blog


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She has a perfect style,she is very beautiful and she is authentic.Providing her own style ,she made her fans love her more and more every day.So as you learn some informations about Chiara, I think it’s time to tell you that she gave an exclusive interview to me, Maria Pasiali for ””.


1. Maria Pasiali : Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live?

Chiara Nasti : What to say… I’m Chiara Nasti, a simple 17 years old girl from Naples, I try to make real my dream day by day. I live in Naples, here I have my family, the school and my friends and those are the main contents of my blog, with some fashion and lifestyle.

2.Maria Pasiali :What are your greatest passions?

Chiara Nasti :Without any doubts it is the fashion world! I follow the trends of the moments trying to make them mine, so I put something of myself in every outfit.


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3.Maria Pasiali :How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important?

Chiara Nasti :I try to trasmit to my readers who I really am, so if i spent a day on the beach or in the city or somewhere else, I try to show myself as how I am in real, communicating with images and some captions. Fashion is all this, it trasmit emotions and feelings.

4.Maria Pasiali :Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.

Chiara Nasti :I have to admit that I feel myself wearing something very comfortable, but fashion is not only feelin’ comfy. So I definitely love to buy pumps and dresses. I don’t have any icon to follow actually, but in style I love Rita Ora.



5.Maria Pasiali :Your favorite designers and places to shop?

Chiara Nasti :My favourite designer at the moment is Anthony Vaccarello, but if I would choose a boutique were to spend my time is for sure Luisa Via Roma.

6.Maria Pasiali :How do you describe the fashion scene in Milan compared to other major cities/fashion capitals?

Chiara Nasti :I’m actually quite out from the Milan fashion scene. Is something in which I don’t want to play any role actually. For sure is the most important city in Italy regarding fashion.

7.Maria Pasiali :Tell me the top 3 places to visit in Italy:

Chiara Nasti :Without any doubts I would suggest first of all Naples, my city, I love it. I think it is really unique, it has all concentrate in its: sea, good weather, art, food. The other two choices are Rome and Florence. Two cities that I will always keep in my heart.


8.Maria Pasiali :The first thing you look at in another person’s outfit is:

Chiara Nasti :I play so much attention to the details but there are no items in particular I use to take in exam. I use to watch everything together, if all the look looks harmonious it’s “love at first sight” otherwise it’s a big NO. 🙂


9.Maria Pasiali :What do you love about living in Italy?

Chiara Nasti :Best food in the world, the weather is always good and people are adorable.


10.Maria Pasiali :Next place you want to travel to:

Chiara Nasti :I love to travel, I would never stop. I hope to visit Mexico quite soon!!



11.Maria Pasiali :Have you ever been in Greece?

Chiara Nasti :I’ve never been in Greece, but I would love to visit Athens, Cyclades Islands and Santorini.


12.Maria Pasiali :What can’t you live without?

Chiara Nasti :My family, I love them all very much. My sister Angela is the most important person of my life.


13.Maria Pasiali :In the year 2020 you will be:

Chiara Nasti :I will be a person who has reached some goals I think, I’m working hard for it.
After that, I would love to be a person who has someone near to me. 🙂


14.Maria Pasiali :A message to all the bloggers?

Chiara Nasti :Always be yourself, each of us is special for something, so let’s be appreciate for that.


Thank you Chiara Nasti for the amazing interview.Wish you all your dreams comes true..

Sending much love from the community of ”It’”





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