DSC_2918Hello guys..Today I’m so happy..you will think why?I just saw today the statistics of itsmarifashion and OMG I couldn’t believe in my eyes..


DSC_27580You really show your support- from every country- I have friends who read all my posts!! Guys I wanna thank you all..it means everything for me to see that you love itsmarifashion -because for me it’s like I have a little child and I want the best for it..

Αντίγραφο από DSC_28

I want to be a better blogger day by day..I want to bring new projects,ideas, and make itsmarifashion a popular online fashion destination.

DSC_2761When I started it was very difficult because none knows me and none reads me..but I had a dream..I said once in my post..”If at least I will have 3 visitors every day,I will be happy’‘.And now you are so many people from China,Germany Cyprus,Brazil,USA,UK,Serbia,Italy,Romania,Canada,Indonesia,Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina and of course my Greece.
Στιγμιότυπο πλήρους οθόνης 12112015 95538 μμ.bmpΣτιγμιότυπο πλήρους οθόνης 12112015 95528 μμ.bmp

I think when someone gets love like this, is the best could happen. Itsmarifashion is for all of you my angels..It wouldn’t exist if you wouldn’t support it.I have my birthday on 15th November and I get the best early present of you. Thank you.DSC_2758




So today’s post is about ”TOTAL BLACK LOOK”. I wore my black Wide Leg Trousers. As you know wide legged trouses are coming back on trend this season, especially black ones. I personally love wider pants which can be a very good choice of trousers for many women and it gives you a chic and classic style.I combine it with my new obsession..My new Beaded top by H&M




As you all know black is my favourite colour..why? I have a colorful life…haha no I’m kidding.I just love it because even if you don’t know what to wear, if you wear black you will feel great.It’s easy, cool,safe choice and elegant.







DSC_2922If you noticed I tie my scarf on my bag.Why? Because the colours are the same with the whole outfit,and I made a mix & match which I love.I combine the leopard with the little bears on my scarf..haha you can still call it animal print but with whole the bears.








And about accessories.I love my gold rings..I wore them always and its the great combintion with a total black look.




DSC_2774And when the sunset comes..I have to leave…no need to describe the beauty of the sunset in Thessaloniki..Makes me sad and happy at the same time..so many memories in this place..but they belong to the past that will never comes..



That was the ”Total black look” hope you like it.Stay tuned because new things and new collaborations coming.Thank you again for your love..you rock guys..Don’t forget to send me your photos for your ”STREETSTYLE STORY” on itsmarifashion.com.

Love you..xoxo Maria Pasiali

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