DSC_3329 Shake up, the happiness..Wake up, the happiness..It’s Christmas time!!!I’m totally in Christmas mood..DSC_3324


It’s the time we all love..Christmas lights,Christmas trees,Santa Claus,gifts,Christmas songs,fireplaces and hot chocolates..I think it’s the best time of the year..


Christmas spirit to fill the streets of Portimão and Ferragudo


My new post is about Christmas mood…I love seeing that all the people these days getting ready for Christmas and start decorate avenues,squares and all the trees..it’s a very warm and sweet feeling Christmas..




It’s all about love and peace…Love seeing lovely couples who enjoy this period..It’s the period every child wait all the year..it’s the period everyone feeling blessed and hopefully..The Christmas spirit make us more happy..we all want to share happiness with people we love..but it’s not everything so nice…


From the other hand there are so many poor people who don’t have even a home or warm clothes these cold nights..there are children which dreamed for a plate of food..this is their Christmas gift…There are people who truly have problems but they always thanks God and hope for a better life..These people dreamed to have our lives while we hate our lives…Don’t be egoistic..think open minded..

A man dressed as Santa Claus, representing the Brazilian postal service, distributes gifts donated to needy children in a public elementary school in Salvador, Brazil.


Help the people..Give some warm clothes you don’t need..make people who needs your help feel happy..give them your hand…That’s Christmas..Christmas for people..only when you help someone you really enjoy Christmas..Spread the love..Let the Christmas spirit touches your heart…


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