Hello guys..Hope you are all in Christmas mood like us..First of all I should say thanks to everyone for your messages for our Xmas project which broke every statistic on my blog.We are all happy that you liked.So as we’re in Christmas mood today’s post is about the Streetstyle category.. For this month the Streetstyle model is Grigoris Hanelis..

Telling the truth from the day I came to Thessaloniki I have always see his photos on Instagram at the popular posts and really every time I was thinking that he has a perfect unique style which I totally adore.





[000492]After some months because of my friend I met him and to my surprise he was so simple.. Don’t even pretend that he was something else like the most boys do when they know that they are very stylish or in fashion…



I really appreciate the the people like him. That’s why I asked him to do the photo shooting about my article.. And I announced today that he will be officially the model of the category men style at my blog.[000456]


[000464]So let’s talk about his style..His style is simple but very modern..the best Street style in Thessaloniki..Many of your who live in Thessaloniki already know him because he is very popular for his style, that’s why he differs from others..





[000445]As you see Grigoris is fully in Christmas mood playing with the Santa..(lucky Santa hahaha)[000424]


[000413]Walking down town in the city we enjoy our night out with Grigori..He is such a good friend and always make you feel very good..At the very short time I know him I think the best for him and I’m blessed to met people like him..I believe that maybe it was the worst year for me but in the end he gave me many good and real friends..'jik







Closing this post I wanna thank Grigori,it’s really my pleasure to work with you.

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