It’s HOT HOT HOT everywhere.

SONY DSCI’s summer..the summer we all expected,and now we can’t even breath with those unexpected temperatures of June.But I sat down and thought smart tips to make you feel refreshed all the time of summer,because I don’t want my lovely friends tο feel weak because of the hotnesst


1.Take some small towels for the face put little water and refreshing spray like lime or lemon and roll them.Put in fridge and then take some with you wherever you go..If you put them for 3 hour and then take them with you,they will be still cold for 2 hours.


2.Take a spray bottle..Put some drops of cucumber or squeeze the cucumber into the bottle.You can even cut small pieces into the bottle and add some 2 drops of lemon and then put some water.

ITSMARIFASHIONTIPSPut the plastic bottle spray into the fridge and leave it for 1-2 hours.Take it with you to work,for walk,if you go downtown to city for shopping and of course to the beach.You can use it to face and all the body.The cold drops will make you feel very nive and refresing.What’s more you will have the vitamins of cucumber which is very good for your skin, as we all know that many masks and creams are made from cucumber..


3.Rose water: You can also have rose water with roses and water and aloe vera.Take ½ cup of rose water and mix it with one spoon of aloe vera gel. Although the gel does not dissolve easily with the water, it would get completely dissolved.  rosewater

Now you can pour this liquid in a spray bottle and use it before applying makeup. After spraying rose water spray, you will need to allow the face to dry naturally.


4.Ηave gold showers many times per day.You can also wash your hair and go out with your wet wavy hair like a mermaid.



5.Drink liters of water:As more bottles of water you will drink it would be better for your body.


6.Drink water with fruits:Drinking fruit infused water is the best way to detox your body and lose weight and gain better health.Best-infuser-water-bottle

7.Try to eat good and healthy,like many fruits and you will feel refreshed and good too.best_mixed_fruit_infused_waterEnjoy your summer my friends and don’t forget to smile 🙂



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