Hey folks here we are again..On previously post we talked about the streetstyle in Paris and we will stay a little bit more in the city of lights because we have a very hot -new entry- at fashion industry.It’s all about Jean-Luc Jason Harderwijk


CYMERA_20160714_205930As I was searching the Paris Fashion week on Instagram I crossed by his profile and I was like ”Wow, who’s that boy???”..I scroll down his photos and I stopped again when I saw my favourite Karl with him.I send him a message to told him how much talented is he and we started to talk about fashion for many hours..I found a new friend from Paris, and my friend is the best.IMG_20160616_131444



So as we talked for hours, I thought about a post-interview about this let me tell you everything about this handsome boy, because in a few months he will be very popular…His name is Jason and he is only 19 years old.He comes from French Guiana in south America.His story started last year when John Paul Pietrus the fashion editor of the 7th Man Magazine found him on Instagram…he said to Jason only one phrase..


You are the next generation of fashion industry..

He couldn’t realize what Mr. John meant but he didn’t expect that in such a short time he would make so many things.IMG_20160602_132532


In the beggining he had many suggestions from agencies like IMG New York, Way Model Managment from Sao Paolo & Supa Model Managment and he choose the last one the Supa Managment, because -he didn’t want to start from a very big agency-, he wanted to start from the beggining and learn many things until he become very good, to work with the big agencies.

IMG_1688He did some photoshootings for magazines in London and after one month he met Mario Testino and started to work with very important people in fashion industry like Frederike Helwig and Nancy Rhode, stylist at Paul Smith and also did the Bonner show in


He worked with Masses Magazine,Jon Magazine,LOVE Magazine, 10 Man Magazine,10 and with Mert & Marcus Piggott.After that he got a ticket to Paris from his manager..and that’s when the journey became more exciting.IMG_20160712_025528CYMERA_20160714_224043He got a ticket And this is how his magical journey started in fashion industry..He started with the LVMH PRIZE in Paris at Louis Vuitton, and after that he did two shows Facetasm Ami Paris. He met the one and only Karl Lagerfeld,Marc Jacobs,Bernard Arnault,Sarah Mower,Lea Seydoux and many other..He live in Paris now and continue to collaborate with big brands and do shows.lvmh-prize-02


I asked him about what is he’s dream…

Jean-Luc Jason Harderwijk:My dream is to be a good model and help young students in Fashion industry because I want to make clear that fashion isn’t about money or only’s something more than this..Everything in our lives has to do with fashion.

facetasm-16ssmens-look-20 _FAC0025

Maria Pasiali:How you want to be in some years from now?

Jean-Luc Jason Harderwijk: I want to be a good model, with my brand and I would love to have a cover with Naomi on Vogue magazine.IMG_20160713_213244

Maria Pasiali:What you wish to all the young people who wanna be models or do things in fashion industry to be successful?

  Jean-Luc Jason Harderwijk:I want to tell them to be patient because nothing will happen if they dont have patience and work hard.Nothing is impossible if you want something with all your heart.

 Thanks Maria for the interview on your blog



  1. Salut Jason. Je suis très fière de toi. Tu sais déjà. Juste une petite remarque à l auteur de l article : la Guyane ou French Guiana est un département Français d Outre Mer situé en Amérique du Sud et non en Afrique du Sud. Vous savez situé entre le Suriname et le Brésil. Vous savez d où la France, l Europe et les Russes envoient des fusées : la fameuse fusée Ariane ou Soyouz.
    C est bien malheureux de ne pas savoir où se trouve la Guyane. Une chose est sûre pas en Afrique du Sud mais en Amérique du Sud. Ce n est pas du tout le même continent.
    Revoyez votre géographie ou tellement vous souhaitiez le faire passer pour un africain.
    Bref encore toutes mes félicitations my friend. Bise.


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