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Warrick Gautier is a leading fashion designer in South Africa,based in the beautiful city of Cape Town.He has worked for Chloe, Louis Vuitton and now he has his own atelier.Gautier has established himself as one of the leading influences in the fashion world, and travels between Cape Town, London and Paris, and is inspired by art, music, architecture and his French heritage. CYMERA_20160726_182855CYMERA_20160726_182710




Gautier started designing twenty years ago and was quickly recognised as having a unique sense of style, mixing feminine and masculine lines together creating a very sensual and powerful signature. Having worked both in Paris and Cape Town for leading luxury houses, Warrick Gautier is synonymous for creating the ultimate couture and tailored collections. The suit has always played centre stage, it’s all in the cut, drape and tailoring.

This juxtaposed with the feminine lines and drape of the soft tenderness of bias-cut silk chiffon and shear silk gazar, embroidery and beaded couture gowns, makes Gautier’s garments the desire of Royalty, international and local business women, film stars, and celebrities.







So I want to announce you that our favourite designer gave an amazing interview for itsmarifashion and I’m happy to share with you everything he said..CYMERA_20160726_182614

Dear Warrick firstly I wanna thank you for -giving me this interview-,it’s such a pleasure to have you on our blog. I want to start with the most important word in our Fashion world..the word ”Fashion” means many things to many people..


Maria Pasiali: 1.What means ”Fashion” for you?                                                            Warrick Gautier: 1.Fashion is like art and architecture it reflects our ever changing lifestyle.


CYMERA_20160726_182737Maria.P: 2.Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a carreer?
Warrick Gautier:2: I was wanting to become an architect and realised I loved the idea of translating structure, form and proportion onto our bodies, I also have a passion for fabrics and was very influenced by my mother and grandmothers style.

Maria.P 3.What was your dream when you were a little boy?
Warrick Gautier: 3: My dream was always to be surrounded by art, architecture, photography and beauty.IMG_2183Maria.P: 4.How difficult was it when you started in the fashion industry??                       Warrick Gautier: 4:  When I started in the fashion industry, it was so natural and not too difficult. My passion and quest for perfection has always made it natural for me.

Maria.P : 5.For designers,models,fashion bloggers, what according to you is the key to success?                                                                                                                                                  Warrick Gautier: 5: The key to success is always stay true to your values. Never stop learning and be open to evolving your style until you know it’s something unique and people desire it.


CYMERA_20160726_182651Maria.P: 6.Tell us some things about your collaborations and where have you worked?
Warrick Gautier: 6: After studies I worked in a factory that made prêt-à-porter de Lux, which gave me a good grounding in garment construction for a wide market, I later opened my own studio to focus more on the art and craft of fashion and refined couture and tailoring work. I was fortunate to be hired by Chloé, Paris while Karl Lagerfeld was still head designer, just before Stella McCartney became head designer. Later contributed to the first prêt-à-porter collection when Marc Jacobs was first hired at Louis Vuitton. These were great times and so exciting, something so new and fantastic for the house of Vuitton.img79Maria.P: 7.Apart from designing, what do you do in your free time?
Warrick Gautier: 7: Surrounding oneself with beauty is important so art galleries, architectural important visits, photography and cuisine together with global travel are always part of my life. I also do like cycling in the mountains and running to keep fit.
Maria.P: 8.What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?
Warrick Gautier: 8: The skill of learning is so important. Never be too set in your ways, have an open mind to explore and challenge what is there. The skill of refinement and how to translate ones vision into reality are very important.img81Maria.P: 9.Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Warrick Gautier:10: The next five years my studio in Cape Town will lead to a Johannesburg Studio, Paris Studio and a London Studio.CYMERA_20160726_184433

Maria.P: 10.What is your favourite style?
Warrick Gautier: 10. Helmut Newton’s photograph taken in 1975 of “Le Smoking” suit by Yves Saint Laurent on the Rue Aubriot, Paris has always been at the center of all my collections. The tuxedo suit represents power to women, androgynous style which has an allure that I adore.
Maria.P: 12.Tell us about the latest trends and the future trends?
Warrick Gautier: 12. The latest trends are anchored in proportion and form, much like architecture, it’s eclectic because gone are the days when everyone wears the same fashion. It’s all about your uniqueness done in the most refined and elegant way. The mix of colour and sport is still a strong trend and the cross over of sportXcouture will be with us for a while.

”Thank you so much for this wonderful interview Maria, you have a great talent! It’s been such a pleasure working with you. ”

I wish you all the greatest success, much love always!

Warrick Gautier


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