Feeling free & happy..

Black & white favourite..Can’t live without black and white..those colours express many things for’s the upside downs of my life..the good & the bad..the purity & the mystery..the angel & the devil..

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It’s the time of my life that I see how quickly the years passed and I’m wondering if I’m doing the right..I feel none can’t stop me to follow this make itsmarifashion a worldwide online meet all of you from all over the world..because my passion for journalism and fashion is the perfect key to create and make beautiful things..I only wanna make you feel nice and beautiful when you read my posts..I want you to understand that I’m not someone that live for wearing only nice clothes..because that’s not happy life..Because life wasn’t easy for me..But I never give anything..that’s what my ”angel” daddy taught me..maybe he is not anymore with me but I promised to make him proud..and you all give me the power I want..because without you I’m nothing..You’re my trusted me and I won’t let you down.


Follow me and we can reach the stars..Love you to the moon & back.


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