This time at NYFW we saw many designers that brought back the 60s, 70s, & 80s fashion trends.But this time Mr. Jeremy Scott brought to NYFW ’80s NYC!!8071e269f41345fb92e5da0cd3e96d3c-780x1202Jeremy’s Scott show was exactly the amzing collection we expected.He surprised us again with his theatrical collection.We saw many outfits for women and men.2021b1ba369c44ae8a58fe690ab5ab5a-780x1166

53a6d36b72ed4d539cdf73a8027d4bba-780x972Remember when Times Square was actually X-rated, not G-rated? Jeremy Scott sought to evoke that time in his Fashion Week runway show — but with his usual light-hearted theatrics.

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There was even a dress that blared: “Rated X,” not to mention garments that announced the wearer as “HOT HOT HOT.”


“I was just really thinking about New York City folklore, the early ’80s that I’ve read about in books and magazines,” Scott said backstage. “These fun party scenes and these extravagant characters going around on the Lower East Side, and Times Square being seedy and having X-rated theaters.” So there was a decent amount of black, toughened up with zippers everywhere — across the cups of a bra, or dangling around the neck. And there were metal rings everywhere, and hanging garters forming a fringe around the bottom of a skirt. But there was also a lot of bright color, and sparkly sequins, and shimmering party dresses that, in Scott’s words, “look like a UFO landed on it.” Yes, with bizarre geometric shapes incorporated into the outfit.

Watch the show

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