How would you plan your new wardrobe when your wallet is in crisis?Once someone told me that fashion is not really about luxury or expensive clothes and shoes and stuff. Fashion is a state of mind. A lifestyle. It has its own personal character according to every different person around us. Fashion for you may be what bad taste is for me. 53-1-1Fashion is a form of art and art has no limits. No rules and restrains. You can wear whatever you like, how you like it. And for no reason fashion must be crazy expensive or unapproachable. So here we are talking about how to organize your wardrobe when your wallet is in crisis!

noa-noir-lifestyle-fashion-musings-minimalist-wardrobe-inspiration-closet-confessions-monochrome-style-0The first rule of fashion is to have your own style and signature. Everything you wear must be yours and yours only. Not in meaning of possession but more in a meaning of character. You got to own it. Clothes are for you to wear them, not for them to wear you.
The second rule is recycling. Become a scavenger. Salvage anything you can. Get into an adventure and explore your wardrobe’s last season outfits. There is always something coming back in fashion. In one word recycle.

featured-triple-your-winter-wardrobe-darling-e1483236474345-1-1024x1016-1Third and last rule is careful shopping. I know that is hard to resist to a lovely new pair of heels or a velvet new top and pajama pants, but be careful honey. Search, try on and be sure when you choose that one new piece to add to your wardrobe collection. You would not want to waste all your good money on buying a dress that you’re wearing once or a heel that will just won’t work with anything but one clothing item.
So my sweethearts, the key to be stylish, in fashion or updated on the latest trends is not to spend all your money or buy a Dior lace blouse. The key is to be smart, have a strong personality and be able to recognize fashion and style from blind consumerism.
By following these three rules, you will never find yourself in a wallet crisis, simply because organizing your wardrobe is all about being resourceful and stylish always in your own unique way.

Own it. Ci vediamo.
Xo Anna.


  1. Love the idea of recycling. Trends do have a way of coming back into our lives! I wrote piece about money saving tips for shopping and learning to restyle what you already have. I thought you might be interested in reading it since you also touched on a few of the same points! Overall, a great read and you make some great points.


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