“Perfume is like cocktails without the hangover, like chocolate without the calories, like an affair without tears, like a vacation from which you never have to come back.”
― Marian Bendeth

After my two lovely girls Maria and Anastasia, talked about their signature scents it appears only logical for me to present you mine.

It all begins with that first bottle of perfume you probably got as a birthday present from someone who was or at least seemed to be, at the time, important to you. That first feeling of a sweet scent touching your skin and filling your nostrills. It probably made you feel like a young woman ready to conquer the world alluring everyone she walked by. It became, without you fully perceiving it, your first signature as a lady.

Or at least that was my first experience with the world of perfums. I was the little girl who played with her dog all day in the backyard, adored being free and wild, and did not have that love affair with cosmetics as most girls had. I thought mysef as a wildcat in a girls body.I was celebrating my fourteenth birthday when I got my first perfume, Stella by Tocca. My grandmother had come with this soft pink shopping bag and told me that this will be my key to my memories as a young lady.

When I first tried it on I instantly fell for the soft sandalwood scent and the floral touch of white freesias. Stella was my best companion. My girlpal.I felt strong and wild and oh so feminine.

Growing older though, I started discovering the true me. I thought at first, I am a woman now. So I realised I had to get my one and only signature scent. The one that will portray my femininity, my strong will and the savage side of my personality. I have to admit, there were several perfumes in my life after Stella, but the one that made it to the top was and will be just one. Gypsy Water by Byredo. img_8162-copy-1024x683

Inspired by the romantic “myth” of the Romany lifestyle, Byredo’s Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum is an enchanting bohemian medley. Deftly blended from striking fresh notes of Lemon, Pepper and Juniper Berries, zesty Bergamot, smoky Incense and warm Amber, it’s a Mediterranean evening in a bottle. Wearing it gives you the feeling of resting gently on your lovers side on a Sunday morning after a wild Saturday night. It emits a sense of  lightly incensed powdered warmth and in the end Gypsy Water is a lightly warmed quiet woody perfume, that although unassuming, is rather mysterious.

It reminds me of Stella as it somehow holds a slight sense of my young years perfume, making me feel mature but kind of girly inside. It travels me to far away forests and late night bonfires gazing upon the stars. GW has the unique ability to make a woman feel effortlessly beautiful and independent. It leaves a stigma of the womans personality without trying too much. img_0559

It is quite expensive as the 50ml cost almost ninety euros but believe when I tell you, it is totally worth it, plus it comes out in hair perfume, hand cream and more.

GW is my addiction, what is yours?

Ci Vediamo, Anna.

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