Hello guys!! I have some great news..We have the exclusive interview of Erica Tironi,one of my favorites fashion bloggers.

She’s the creator of ”Erica Voyage – A budget-friendly fashionista.” Her blog is about fashion, for all those who want to dress with style, but have a limited budget. Erica in her posts posts give tips on the latest trends, on how to create unique looks to enhance your figure and on the best sites where you can buy your clothes.

M. P: 1.Hello Erica..Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live?

Erica: I was born and raised in Italy, but I lived in Barcelona, London and Dublin.  At the moment I’m living in Bergamo.
M.P: 2.What are your greatest passions?
Erica::One of my biggest passions is fashion, for this reason I’ve opened a fashion blog. Travelling is the second greatest passion, I love discovering new places, meeting new cultures and traditions.
M.P.3.How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important?
Erica:: I’ve always loved fashion, for me fashion is a way of expressing my creativity, I love creating new looks.
M.P.:4. Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.
Erica:.: I always check  new trends, I love experimenting and adding new items to create unique and edgy styles. I define my style rock/ edgy.

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M.P.:5.Your favorite designers and places to shop?
Erica: My favorite designers are Balmain, Versace, Elisabetta Franchi, Dsquared,  because they have a unique and bold look.
My favorite stores are Zara, Mango, Missguided because you can shop the latest trends at an affordable price. As for the shoes I love Public Desire.
M.P.:7.Tell me the top 3 places to visit in Italy:
Erica:My favorite cities in Italy are Venice, Florence and Rome, but there are so many beautiful places in Italy that is very hard to pick just one of them.

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M.P.:8. The first thing you look at in another person’s outfit is:
Erica:The look in general, I think that if someone has a unique and edgy look it will take my attention
M.P.:9.What do you love about living in Italy?
Erica:My family, my boyfriend, my friends and the food 🙂
M.P.:10. Next place you want to travel to:
Erica:I would love to visit Thailand
M.P.:11.Have you ever been in Greece? 
Erica:Yes I went to Rhodos and Ciprus, I would love to visit Santorini.
M.P.:12:What can’t you live without? 
Erica:My mum.
M.P.:13.In the year 2020 you will be:
Erica:I will be an entreprenur, I hope to become an established fashion blogger and have my own team.
M.P.A message to all the bloggers?
Erica:We should help each other and never give up. Sometimes it can be hard if you have a full time job, but if you stay focused and work hard this will pay off.
Big thanks Erica from our team, it was our pleasure to have you on #itsmarifashionInterviews..Keep up your amazing work!!
Discover Erica’s Voyage on her blog www.ericavoyage.com/
 Kisses from Greece!!
xoxo Maria Pasiali


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