Life is a game in which happiness is the goal..But how can we reach this goal??Today’s post is about life,goals and everything is about it..I don’t write only when I feel good..because I want to be honest to support me always and you know that every time I write I write by heart..Because we’re not always in good mood right? We all have upside downs..Someone once told me that life is like a cardiogram..That’s why we live, -because life has upside downs-…If it goes smoothly you are dead..But how we can deal with all that happen to us and to our friends..This is the point..   

“We all have problems. The way we solve them is what makes us different.”


Have you ever experienced times when you go through just one bad thing after another? When it seems like the world is out to get you? When things go wrong no matter what you do?


You are not alone. Bad things happen to all of us too, including me…My life never was easy..From when I was little girl, things wasn’t easy for me and my family, but I learnt how to be strong..Sometimes I felt that I couldn’t be more strong..until I lived the most bad period of my life..loosing my dad was the worst thing for me…I was two months in depression..After those awful months I saw a dream with my dad..and he told me only one phrase..”Why you stopped living”… This phrase gave me the power to start a new life and I had only one thing on my make my dad proud…I knew that he was always by my side..and after 2 years I can say that now I am a strong girl even sometimes for some reasons I loose my mind..


Always remember that life is not easy for none..because this is the meaning of hurt us many times, until we reach the goal of being happy..


And yes, life is for two..Happiness means to love , even if you won’t take back love..


To give everything without waiting to take back something..That’s how I live..this is me..I always live my life to the fullest and with intensity..I can give everything to the one who will touch my heart..because it’s difficult to find the one who will be unique for you…but now I know who is..and I won’t let him go..I will wait..because life is for two…

 xoxox Maria Pasiali

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