Hey guys!!Are you ready for the next trip?? Many of you are asking me the latest months about some travel tips and how to make quick your luggage for your trip.So today I will share all my tips with you and how you can make your luggage in less than 10 min.


Firts of all..the most important is the place you are going to travel and the season you are travelling!! So below you will find a list for men about the basic stuff you should always take with you.I select the most important things for February. You can print the photo and have it on your phone to make quickly your luggage and be sure that you won’t forget again anything in your home.As everything in life need a plan, your trip need a plan too.So follow my tips and you will be a travel expert!!!



Let’s start with the most important thing..Take a look at your list and put everything you want to take with you, on your bed.


fotorcreatedvAnd now..a chaos..Don’t worry now it’s the easy part..Start rolling your clothes with the tips you will find below!!


1.Always pack extra:Some men (though certainly not all) have it in their heads that packing is a sort of primal challenge to see who can pack the fewest clothes possible. This is absurd. If anything, you should throw in at least an extra pair of socks and underwear plus an extra T-shirt or undershirt. Why? Things happen. It rains. You spill wine on yourself. Maybe you tumble down a hill, I don’t know. All sorts of unexpected misfortune can creep up on you, and it’s worth it to be prepared.


2.Bring Interchangeable Parts: Bring a sweater that’s comfortable enough for sightseeing but sharp enough for dinner. Pack shoes that will work for business meetings, but that you won’t mind wearing to the bar with jeans and a T-shirt.


3.Roll everything: Roll Your Ties,your tops and you will see that in your trip you will not use an iron.Folding causes creases..rolling doesn’t. It’s that simple

4.Shirts:Put your belt in your shirt collar to help prevent it from creasing.


5.Stuff Your Shoes:You love your shoes right,so you should be careful. Take some rolled up socks and shove them in your shoes. Shoving your socks (or anything small that you don’t plan to eat later) into your shoes not only saves space but will protect your shoes and ensure they’ll look good when you unpack.



6.Keep Your Toiletries in a Dopp Kit:A loose tube of toothpaste in a suitcase will almost always result in toothpaste on clothes.


7.Pre plan your outfits: Take a quick look of your clothes and pre-plan your outfits.


8.Check again: Before you close your suitcase take  a quick look at your list and check if you took everything.


So you’re ready..take your jacket,wear your sunnies & your stylish watch,take a look in the mirror…wear your BULGARI perfume & take your suitcase!!


xoxo Maria Pasiali

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL TIPS FOR MEN

  1. As a man we dont want to have extra pair of pants or cloths that we brought home without using it, so do mathematics count for mix and match based on days u spent on your holiday. be ware of color pallets, make sure everything match or complement each pieces of ur look.

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