Who said that we should wait the Valentine’s day to celebrate love??%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b9%ce%b3%ce%bc%ce%b9%cf%8c%cf%84%cf%85%cf%80%ce%bf-%cf%80%ce%bb%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%82-%ce%bf%ce%b8%cf%8c%ce%bd%ce%b7%cf%82-1422017-123336-%cf%80%ce%bc-bmpWell, according to this story, St. Valentine was quite the dedicated romantic, so much so in fact that he died in the name of love. Instead of commemorating St. Valentine on the anniversary of his death, the day his own heart stopped beating, why don’t we celebrate the sanctity of love by commemorating what this celebrated cupid believed in up until his death….

%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b9%ce%b3%ce%bc%ce%b9%cf%8c%cf%84%cf%85%cf%80%ce%bf-%cf%80%ce%bb%ce%ae%cf%81%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%82-%ce%bf%ce%b8%cf%8c%ce%bd%ce%b7%cf%82-1422017-123449-%cf%80%ce%bc-bmpI wonder what would life be like without St. Valentines Day? Or do we really need a special occasion to remind each other how much we really care?

lrm_export_20170213_183843Personally, I think that the idea of having one day to focus on love and friendship is not enough. Yes, it’s great to have one day a year set aside to celebrate love, and to do something special for the people we cherish the most, but why should we wait for that one “special” day to give or receive the attention that we deserve? In other words, shouldn’t every day be special? In fact the more love, the better. But one day a year? One day to commemorate and show appreciation for the one you love and adore?


lrm_export_20170213_185152No..If we love someone even if it is our family,our best friend,our children or boyfriends we should always show them our love and how much we care..That’s why we have something special and limited edition by our favorite @gofasjewelry!!


Recently I was in Thessaloniki and of course I went to my favorite jewelry boutique..It’s the Gofas Jewelry in 9, Aristotelous sq .It’s my favorite and I always visit they’re store because every time I discover special jewelry.So, with my friend Theodoro (Konstantino Arvanitidi), we picked the most beautiful & special charms to offer you..because we feel in love all the year and not only one day..

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Love yourself, your beloved people and never forget to tell them how much you care..

xoxo Maria Pasiali





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