The 14th of February is always a day of special significance. Especially for the ones that are in love or enjoy the company of a date or boyfriend/girlfriend. People always feel a little more loved and important on this particular day. However this is not the case, for everyone out there. 

The majority will probably be working late office hours, too tired to focus on romance. Those who are single will most likely get hammered with their BFFs celebrating their freedom and casting out the evil of being in a relationship. Others will be simply asleep early that night and getting ready for another day at work. Just another regular day.

Don’t be afraid though my lovely reader, I am not going to write a cover on how pointless or hyperconsumeristic Valentine’s day is or some people may believe that is. We had quite a long conversation at our last meeting as a team, and we concluded that we may all have our romantic affairs or flirts but at the end of the day it is just us. So what I am going to write about today is simply our true and honest opinion, a mini exposure from a different angle, if you like about the Valentine’s day.

Carrie Bradshaw once said: “The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.” This is one of my favorite quotes which I chose to live by. I think that it is a good life philosophy and one that helps you realise the good things and all the amazing qualities you have as a person. How you should be inspired by yourself and its potentials and in a way it makes you understand that above everything else you and your personal wellbeing is priority No 1.Carrie-Bradshaw-Quotes-1.png

So I believe that the Valentine’s day and any day forward, is not just about buying little heart-shaped teddy bears or candy for your boyfriend or girlfriend and going on dates, that many times do not have any actual special meaning. I mean a present or a date could be special if it is your birthday or your anniversary and stuff like that, but on Valentine’s day it is just another date with the difference of hearts decorating literally everything around you.

Our opinion here on is that this day is about love. So love doesn’t really mean loving someone else. Love is loving. Just loving. Even if that means yourself or someone else. Do not be afraid to admit that you believe that this day is just a made-up celebration for the masses or a true romantic occasion for couples only or just a day to learn that love is what rules us all.

You may not have someone giving you a present or taking out to a fancy dinner but that does not mean that you are not celebrating. That is why I am introducing you all to our brand new and supercute giveaway by Gofas Jewellery. Because whether you are single or a couple or a potential date, at the end of the day you deserve a present. And what we offer, believe me is irresistible.

I mean, a present is always a way to show love and affection, to others and yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day from us here at ITSMARIFASHION,

Love Anna, Anastasia & Maria.


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