You burn to show him just how special he is to you….

Did you ever think, why sometimes nothing is going like you want with your man? Did you ever think that maybe you don’t treat your man like he deserves? Speaking as a girl I made a research about this theme and I found many things that all the girls out there should know if they want a good relationship.


Maybe I’m not an expert in relationships because I only had one big relationship in the past,I can tell you that I made many mistakes and I’m sure that we all do the same.First of all..Don’t expect from someone to respect you and treat you good if you don’t do the same..Always try to understand and don’t judge something if you don’t know the truth.Try to take the control in everything that is happening and don’t make mistakes that you will regret.

Try to treat your man like I will tell you right now..Because your man,that you truly want & love, is your king,and you should treat him like this!!


Along with getting your feelings out there, treating your guy like royalty can help boost his self-esteem or pick him up when he’s feeling low. This doesn’t mean that you have to lower yourself to the level of his servant. Instead, go beyond the normal everyday niceties and get creative in your quest to show him that you care.


1.Make a point of asking about the little things.

Instead of waiting until you have a reason to call your guy – such as scheduling a date or asking for a ride – dial his number just to ask about his day. A simple act shows support and caring without going overboard. This shows your man that you are thinking about him often and that you value what is going on in his life.

2.Give sweet little gifts.

Look for items that clearly take who he is and what he wants into account. For example, bring him his favorite coffeehouse drink during his break from work or buy something that he will wear and think about you.

3.Cook him dinner.

You can treat your man like a king by making a dinner that caters to his wishes. For example, if you know that avocados are his favorite food, start with a guacamole appetizer, move on to chicken with avocados as a main dish and make a side that also contains them. This shows him that it is not just a meal – it is a meal specifically for him. Take him by surprise and cook a meal for no real reason other than you want to show that you care

4.Pay attention to him, and only him.

Put your phone down, turn away from the TV, close your laptop and listen to him when he comes home at the end of the day or the two of you are on a date. Look him in the eyes when he’s speaking to you, ask questions about what he’s saying and smile to show your interest.

5.Throw him a compliment.

You don’t need to shower him with praise 24-7. If you know that he is feeling unsure, find something to say that will pick up his mood or give him a compliment such as, “You look so handsome in that shirt,” or, “You have the most beautiful eyes. I just can’t look away from them.”

6.Show him affection.

Give him hugs and kisses or hold his hand to show that you are his and he is yours. Avoid making it quick. Hold on and hug him for a few minutes to show that you care.

Hope you like my ideas..And believe me..if you really care for someone you should treat him like a king..because he’s your king!!

xoxo Maria Pasiali

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