-Nobody said it would be easy but everyone said it would be worth it-

-Nobody said that life is easy..life is very complicated..and we are the players in our life..because life is a game..you only live once and if you do it right,once is enough-


It’s all those moments that- you can’t find solutions in your life- and you are trying to escape from your problems with different ways..On my February post about ”Life is for two” I said everything about how I see that may be our life..and today I want to escape from everything again..and travel to this world where words are more important than anything else..Writing for me is the best therapy to deal with everything..when I’m happy & when I’m sad I want to write..I want to share with you my feelings..you know that I always share with you my life like it is..I think that there is not something better from being true to yourself and to your friends..because talking to you, I feel better..I don’t feel lonely..because you are by my side..I really don’t know why I’m telling you all that and why it is important for you but I know that some of you are in the exactly situation with me..It’s those moments that you try to hide your true feelings from yourself but you can’t….”Someone said that this is how life should be”..but how we can deal with those unfulfilled feelings..Even when you are trying to not think about them..but what happening when you go home and you are alone again? In the night all those feelings are coming to your door and they really burn your heart..Life means to be happy & to love..but love is like a fire. Burning with pleasure, pain, and desire. In darkness shining its warmth and light…Unfortunatelly there is no solution to this feelings..only time can help us…Being strong is the only thing we all can do..nothing kill us make us stronger..

-Goodnight sweethearts

xoxo Maria Pasiali

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