We’re obsessing over these baby fashionistas!

We came across the Fashion Kids Instagram account today, and we can’t get over how adorable and trendy these guys are. It goes without saying that these little hipsters love being in front of the camera (in fact, a few of the toddlers are already Instagram stars for their amazing style).

These mini fashion-bloggers-to-be may not be dressing themselves, but they know exactly how to work their looks.

What were you doing at five-years-old? Probably playing with Barbie and dreaming about Disneyland, and probably not modeling your wardrobe for thousands of Instagram followers. However, these tots are living life like a fashion blogger, sharing snaps of their wardrobes, and posing up a storm for social media–and the resulting photos are really, really cute.

(Only from this photo I’m sure that this babe will be a very hot boy after some years) 😉

Obviously, these accounts are controlled by the kids’ momagers and dads, as Instagram requires users to be at least 13-years-old and some of the mini influencers (minfluencers) are too young to tie their shoelaces, let alone execute a social media strategy.

And here I am with this stunning fashionable little girl..She will be my future daughter, hahaha!!

Some of those stylish kids sometimes trying to dress like some celebrities or stylish popular models.It’s nice that they get inspiration from fashionable people and want to be like them.

We found some of the most stylish kids out there on Instagram that want to be like a popular model!!

1.Blogger Collette styles her two sons in celebrity-inspired outfits—look out Ryan Gosling.


2.This sweet little boy get dressed exactly like the handsome & stylish model Babis Poubouridis and we are just in love with both of them!!

3.Seven year-old Haileigh has the glam look down pat from her oversized sunglasses to fur coats and more.

4.Alonso Mateo has been an Instagram style star since he was a toddler and his style only gets better as he gets older. From his suit separates to leather jackets and tiny loafers, Alonso already dresses better than most men you know.

5.And as I see..a new couple wants to replace the hot couple Beckham!!

And here we are with the handsome son of Beckham Romeo, in Burberry’s collection.

We also loved those sweet babes too..


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