The past two months of my life as a blogger, I made a decision to try and invest more on my Instagram feed. As a result, I started posting pictures, stories and anything I believed to be Insta-worthy. That was when I discovered Sug-Sean.

I was scrolling down my Instagram feed when I saw this post of a man standing in front of an amazingly geometric building, wearing a nice tailored suit and a hat, this way showing character and attitude of multiple levels. I truly adored the aesthetics of this photo, there was something minimal and stylish about it that I had to check out the account it was coming from. And so I did.

Observing the account, I realised that this person must be super interesting to interview or at least talk to. Through his photographs, you could see a person who likes travelling, enjoys a good adventure, and as a gentleman knows what to wear and how to wear it. After liking the 90% of his posts, I did a little research and what I found made me wanting to meet even more.6054532

Sug-Sean was born in Anguilla, left when he was seventeen to continue his studies in culinary arts at one of America’s top five colleges. After working as a chef in London, his dream career comes to an end due to an arm injury and that was when he met the two people who led him to what he is now. George and Michele were the people that gave him his first job in the fashion industry, through their family business “Childrensalon”.

Once he started working there, everything seems to just make sense. In the beginning, there was this Instagram account where he posted work stuff, mostly new arrivals from Childrensalon and so on. But if you closely observe there is a turning point where you see more personal posts such as photographs from shootings or events or travels.

However, these were things I learnt from my research and I needed a more personal point of view. So I reached out to him. At my surprise, he replied almost immediately and accepted to have a video call session, so as to talk.  I admit I was freaking anxious about it. At first, I thought, what will I ask, how will I speak but once we started talking it all came out so naturaly and easy.The+Mr+Porter+Post

Sean is a kind, inspired person with a great sense of style. He loves his dog Billion, a french bulldog who has his own Instagram account, and wants to travel as much as he can. After visiting Pitti Uomo he collaborated with an Italian leather company and created the Custom Shoe concept by Shawn Webster. The sneakers were exclusively handcrafted in Italy plus they are custom made. Wearing a pair of Sug’s Sean sneakers gives you an old-school, vintage vibe and a whole lot of attitude, feeling unique to own them.1435424013-3749c95012ec7abb82c963764d853a4

What most surprised me though was the fact that he was so easy going and ready to give advice and express his honest opinion on blogging, fashion or his way of understanding the term. We met common ground when we agreed that fashion is not just clothes or shoes but the actual way you live. It’s a life code, that follows your every step. His genuine enthusiasm and passion for what he does are, for me, the key to his success. He is not trying to copy or be like anyone else. He does what inspires him, what makes him feel good and allows him to make others feel good too.

I believe that I made a friend out of this interview. I am a true follower of his work and I believe that you will be too once you read this article and check out his website and social media accounts.

Thank you, Sean, for letting me write about you and get to know you.South+Africa+Sug+Sean+KLM+#KLMtoJNB

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Xo,Xo Anna K.

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