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Hello Loves,

And welcome Back to another post!

As you can see from the title, we’re gonna talk about self love today!

So without further a do let’s start!

Recently I haven’t been myself, I was feeling anxious, angry, disappointed, and I’ve been pushing & putting myself down! Just don’t do that, don’t put yourself down, don’t push it when you are feeling down!!

I know we can’t always be cheerful and happy and careless and all that but we have to try or else we’re gonna be miserable and alone. Are you feeling down and different than you truly are and gave up on you? Keep trying sweetheart, if something isn’t how you expecting it, keep at it and if it still isn’t happening, leave it, take a deep breath and START ALL OVER AGAIN, don’t push yourself over, don’t put you down, if it didn’t worked out how you wanted, its OK, do it again, and again and again, until you’re happy with it, there’s not any reasons to beat yourself up. Test your limits without stressing yourself. You gotta love and treat yourself, because no one will do it for you otherwise! Let YOU be the priority for once, make YOU happy, LOVE YOU FIRST! If you love yourself then people will love you too, for what you truly are, if not just kick them out, you don’t need them and their negative vibes! That was all for today’s post, hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Feel free to share this and find me at my social medias.

Till next time,have fun and don’t forget to smile

xoxo Gina

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