Be real. Be yourself. Be unique. Be true. Be honest. Be humble. Be happy.Staying true to yourself and not changing your personality to fit different situations is the most important thing you can do to yourself.It’s you and only have to be good with yourself and never change for anyone in this world.You have to love yourself and everything you do.If you want to be loved, you should firstly love yourself!!

How to Be Yourself

In order to live as an authentic individual, you must keep the following in mind:

1.Know yourself

You cannot be yourself until you know who that self really is. But in order to know yourself, you must challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things, especially things that scare or intimidate you. How about taking karate lessons? Have you ever travelled abroad on your own? War veterans often say that, in spite of the horror and suffering, they benefitted a great deal from the experience because they found out who they really were and what they were capable of.

2.Develop that self

Once you have developed this new self, you must live it.

3.Accept that not everyone will like the real you

Being yourself means holding your nerve. It demands courage and persistence. After all, not everyone will like the real you. Rejection is hard to take at the best of times, but when you feel it is the true, authentic you that people dislike, it is even harder. The key is to remember that you cannot please everyone. All human relationships, whether with friends or partners, rest on an indefinable chemical magic. Sometimes personalities clash. You will always encounter people who take a close look at you and dislike what they see. Remember, you are not alone in this experience.

Oscar Wilde once joked that at every London dinner party there was at least one guest who resembled a soft cushion. In other words, just as a soft cushion retains the imprint of the last person to sit on it, so a weak, characterless individual molds and shapes their personality to fit those with whom they talk. Some people take “being yourself” to an extreme. But being authentic should never be confused with seeking out arguments. You don’t have to be antagonistic in order to be yourself. It does, however, require courage.

This is where (fashion + you = results) could have the best results, because being true to yourseld should start from inside and then people will see your personality through your outfits.Never forget that we live only once and we have to live good and be happy.

Happy people are the prettiest. You’re never fully dressed without a smile. There’s little sexier than a confident happy person.

xoxo Maria Pasiali

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