Party season is upon us, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be going to an office party or two over the festive period.The festive season is soon to be upon us, so make sure your wardrobe is ready and waiting for all those invitations to lunches, dinners, parties and balls. I’ve noticed that most menswear articles on party dressing nearly always feature mainly black tie, but most of my clients are more interested in receiving help to put together outfits that are dressy without being too businessy, and fun without being gimmicky or too young. I hope these will help to get a little bit of the Christmas spirit inside your wardrobe and hope you enjoy your festivities!Parties can be all over the map when it comes to dress code. Especially when the holiday season rolls around, and especially when anything in the ballpark of “creative black tie” or “dressy casual” is involved. But we’ve got you covered.

  • If you are the type of man that will always choose something formal I suggest you to change that because it’s too boring to go to parties with the same style of outfits.If you love black blazers with white ties, this time choose a red or dark blue velvet blazer with a black shirt.
  • Blazers+contrast:Choose different colour for your blazer and your pants

  • If you really want to wear a suit, but don’t want to blend into the crowd, ditch your traditional navy suit and try one with a bold (but not too crazy) pattern.

  • The turtleneck is the best not-too-dressy, not-too-casual alternative to a collared shirt at your disposal. If—big if—you do it right. Go dark (black works, though darker blues, greens, and reds are less severe), and layer a blazer over it. And never tuck it in.

  • Jeans at parties: Why the hell not? Lighter jeans are always more casual looking than darker ones, so if you do go light (or even distressed) with your denim, balance it out with a dark sweater and a (tucked-in) collared shirt.

  • Trousers with a comfortable waistband and a loose fit will keep you feeling good all night long. A knit blazer, basic polo, and clean sneakers make it feel fresh and put-together.

  • Grey-Mr.Grey:Why not to choose a grey look?

  • And the most important..Pay attention men, -accessories- are the key to impress everyone. But always remember, ”less is more”..!!

”Make it Simple, but significant.”

xoxo Maria Pasiali

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