Hello sweethearts.Hope you are all fine enjoying the spring season,one of the best season for me.So today I want to share with you some great news.As many of you know that I love Stylight and I adore their content and everything they share. So , I’m telling you all that because, I woke up one day and I get some emails from the sweet- Astrid Linser -and she told me that they  featured me on their Stylight magazines.I can’t explain how I feel when I see a big popular magazine to share my content.It’s the time that you can say that your hard work is worth it.

Below you can find the links of the posts on Stylight magazines, & don’t forget to check everyday Stylight magazines because they share amazing posts and you can also buy your favourite outfits online.


1.Stylight French magazine.Here’s the link to the article:
2.Stylight Netherlands magazine. Here’s the link to the article::
3.Stylight Swedish magazine.Here’s the link:
I want to say ”Big thanks” to Stylight for their support.You always support me and make me so happy and I would love to meet all the team very soon.Love you so much.
-And for you guys I want to say only one think  ” be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”
xoxo Maria Pasiali

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