Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms for bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc.Brands and companies are investing massive amount of money in influencer marketing for promoting their products and services through the popular influencers on Instagram.You are recognized as a popular Instagram influencer only if you have significant number of followers.

If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur looking to grow your Instagram followers organically, then you definitely should consider applying the strategies listed in this post.


  • Piggyback On Competitor’s Followers


One of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is by following the followers of your competitors.

This is one of the guaranteed strategies for getting more followers as your competitors will have followers of the same niche.

It is important that you regularly follow influencers, brands of the same niche as they are likely to follow you back.

Yes, this may seem that you’re stealing your competitor’s followers, but definitely this is an important strategy that you need to implement to save time and efforts.

Find out the people from your niche who are having lot of followers on Instagram, and then you may regularly try to utilize their popularity by following their followers.

You can search the popular influencers by using their name or you can find many popular influencers of your niche by searching for the right hashtags


  • Post at the Right Time on Sundays


You may feel surprised to know Instagrammers post very less on Sundays as they are busy with their family or taking a day off.

If you post on Sundays, you will definitely get more visibility versus posting on busy week days.

Not only Sundays, you can even target holidays when people are busy and not posting as frequently as they do on other working days.


  • Create a Special Hashtag to Promote Your Blog/Brand


We all know the importance of using the right hashtags for getting more visibility, but have you thought of having your own branded hashtag to promote your blog/brand?

This is one of the strategies which popular influencers use to promote themselves and their brands.

You need to make sure that people know that the branded hashtag has been created by you to promote your blog/brand. This can be made possible by writing a blog post about it, having the brand name mentioned at every social networking site profile, informing about it using a YouTube video, etc.

It is important that you not only know these strategies but also implement them to increase the count of followers on your Instagram account.

Bonus: Let a team of Instagram experts do the marketing for you!

Growing a large following or getting more engagement on your Instagram posts costs a lot of your precious time.

An Instagram growth agency GetRiver has a team of Instagram experts that do the work for you so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

GetRiver is a trusted agency which has been featured on the HuffPost, TheNextWeb and many popular blogs. Not to mention, they have served over 40,000+ Instagram influencers and celebrities.

The team of experts, not only help you boost your engagement, but also act as consultants to define your Instagram marketing strategy and helps you position your brand as an authority in your niche. You can avail your 7 days free trial right away!

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xoxo Maria Pasiali

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