It’s been 4 days now that we’re staying at home. The goverment set 15 days quarantine but we all know that it’s going to be further.
What a bad situation we all live now.Some weeks ago we all lived our lives.We heard about Covid-19 in China but we believed that it won’t come to other countries…

What is happening right now is something crazy, we never believed that we’ll live something like this..We saw so many movies about how a virus can change the whole world but we never thought that our lives will be like this.

I’m heartbroken..I will not say many things about the situation..You all watch news,read articles and you know how is it going..

But…if you came to my website I want you to know that I’m with you..24/7 not only now but forever..If anyone wants to talk I’m here..do not hesitate to contact me. I’m literally a message away.

But before leaving..I have an advice for you..

Remember.. we have to protect the old people and take care of them.

We have to stay at home now if we want to have a better life after.

Sometimes we don’t realise how our life pass..how the days go..we don’t value our moments..Now we’re all in quarantine and that’s very difficult because people are dying because of this #Covid-19 . And if you won’t sit in your home there will be more deaths.Just stay at home..I think it was supposed to happen something because of all those things that  are happening in our planet. We all have to realize what we do to our beautiful planet,to our beautiful animals..We all have to do something..We have to CHANGE the way we live,the way we think,the way we act. We have only one chance to live..We have to do it right..we have to leave a beautiful environment to our kids..
Appreciate all the things you have in life because you never know when that time will end.(When I lost my dad I realized that). Clear the clutter inside your mind and realize what you have right now. Don’t wait until you’ve lost it to finally see how much you took it for granted. Don’t wait until you realize that without it, your foundation to make it through each day begins to crumble.You have to stay at home NOW because we don’t want more people to die.We want a happy planet.
Just stop complaining because you don’t have what to do.. Believe me there are many things you can do by sitting at your home.Take your time to think,set goals,read books, exercise yourself,eat healthy, listen to music,cook,talk with your friends by video calls, watch movies,learn a new language,learn about history, paint,clean your house,clean your mind,stay healthy and be calm.

I will be here for you..Let’s talk..Let’s play a game…Come on give me a challenge and let’s stay all together..because we are one.

Never forget that the sun always shines after the storm

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