Hello guys,today I want to share with you a new story about Trinity Yachting.I was in Milos and I had the opportunity to have a semi private cruise around the beautiful island of Milos.But, I want to tell you why I choose this company to collaborate with. Let me tell you a little story about how it’s started.

The story begins with Alexandros, a young person, full of goals and visions, who seeks a way to live a complete life full of memories. He was 18 years old, with no help from family and friends, and completely broke. Alexandros is not afraid of hard situations, and never loses his courage no matter the difficulties. He loves the sea and sailing, so he followed his instinct and sailed away around the world for 10 years.

During his trips, he focused on himself. Alexandros put a lot of energy into educating himself. He was reading books and continuously trying to learn new things. Self improvement became his most important goal and he made himself better everyday in economics, business and management. He searches inside to understand who he is and what made him really happy, until one day, he finally gets it. He gets it and decides to quit his job as a captain. 

He didn’t feel satisfied from his accomplishment.

Didn’t he make money? No, he made a lot of money, but money is not the most important thing.  Couldn’t he stand it anymore? No, Alexandros could do it just fine, but it’s not enough.  So he left everything behind, and he made his next step. Start his own sailing company.  He has no support, no guidance, no money, but again nothing stopped him. He made everything it took to make it happen, and he succeeded in just a few months. He may have lost his sleep, devoted a ton of personal time, sacrificed his comforts, invested every last penny he had, but he made it. 

In 2018, in his late 20’s, Alexandros started Trinity Yachting. 

He chose Milos to offer daily cruises with semi-private and private tours. 

He managed to survive a difficult first season due to coronavirus measures, and the very next year became one of the most famous daily cruise brands on the island, and finally won a Trip Advisor Awards by his satisfied clients.

Right now Trinity Yachting is maybe the most famous and newest company in Milos. Alexandros is proud, but not about being famous. This is just the result. 

The reason behind  the pride, is that he managed to find a way to live life. 

This is what makes him happy.

He lives according to his beliefs. 

He is helping people to live happy moments, they will always remember. 

He helps people to live a life full of memories that make them feel truly happy.

One day, a thousand memories! Trinity yachting provides a whole day, cruising around the island of Milos. 

For me it was a day that I will always remember.I had a great time and I’m telling you it was so worth it that I could do it every day. The stuff was so kind and friendly, the food was unbelievable,we had so much drinks,fruits,food and we also explored caves with a smaller boat which was amazing.The cruise with this catamaran was amazing,we went to 4 destinations around the island which is the most popular Kleftiko and it was an amazing experience.

Alexandros is a very good example for everyone who struggling and trying to find what to do.He didn’t loose his hope,he worked hard and made his dream come true.Nothing is impossible.That’s why I’m happy to meet new people like Alexandros and collaborate with them because they do something they love and that’s is somethingwe all can see because all his clients are very happy.

Big thanks to Alexandros and to his amazing team.

Hope to see you soon!!

For more info check out the Trinity Yachting website.

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