lrm_export_20170221_214425Welcome fashionistas. I’m Maria Pasiali, Journalist & fashion blogger from Greece.

”IT’S MARIFASHION” is an online destination which includes all about fashion,style,beauty,travel and some tips about living a better life. You may wonder what I mean?? It’s not necessary to be rich to live a luxurious life.There are many things you can do, to enjoy the life you deserve. The secret is in ”Little things”..That’s the point of life. If we value what we already have and be happy with all the little things, we will have for sure a better and happy life.

And about fashion ..I will say one quote by my favorite Ralph Lauren..”Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

It’s all about “Style”.You don’t have to pay lot of money to be a fashionista.You should wear what express your personality and provide your own unique style. So ”IT’S MARIFASHION” it’s not only for women…It’s for men’s too.I will write especially for the men’s style by the eye of a woman, and what we like on men’s style.

Somewhere in my blog you will find my personal style too.As I’m in love with fashion and as an original fashion blogger I will provide my style, which hope you like.

As some of you maybe think this is another fashion blog like the other’s I just want from you to take a look and read my posts, because they come from my heart.This blog made with love,hope and one dream..to succeed and reach my goal.

 xoxo Thank you for visiting my blog..I’m waiting your messages angels!!

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