Welcome to London city! Multicultural European capital and city of all possibilities. Truly if you drive and passion you can achieve anything in London.

Hey guys its Anastasia. I was around for a while, taking care a few things in my life but now I am back for good.


One of those things is moving to London. I know it sounds exciting and scary at the same time. And you know what it was. Going alone to a foreign country with no friends and family whatsoever was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life, having to leave Greece and all the people I love and care about.


But I am here to talk about the good and positive stuff. Life is good. Being settled down to my own apartment I can enjoy life in London. You can do everything here. Restaurants, clubs, pubs, local markets etc. There so many to see and do. So I am going to tell you my 5 highlight moments so far:

1.Notting Hill Market



On my first weekend being in London I just jumped into an Uber and drove myself (actually the Uber driver did!!)  and went to famous Notting Hill. There I found the local market where you buy from food, juices and snacks to jewellery, real furs and bags.         

Key to success: Always carry cash with you!, they don’t except credit cards, but thankfully there are cash machines along the way.



MNKY HSE or Monkey House is considered to be one of the best restaurants/club-ish bars in London. The food exceptional, the staff very nice and helpful the whole decor feels like an exclusive club with a modern twist.
Located at Dover street in Mayfair it should be the have-to-go restaurant! When my friend and I visited the restaurant, we got to sit at the table under that big arch!




Clubs in London is a category itself. Some of the best are Cargo, Ministry of Sound, ToyRoom and Libertine.

Most of the clubs in London are underground so they can be soundproof. So you can definitely expect a lot of squeezing and long queues to get a drink.




Mids of December I went to a friend’s house at Tonbridge. It took me to get there 35 minutes with the Southeastern train. I can say one thing it was COLD! Other than that local small restaurants and pubs are great option to get together with friends and family. If the weather is good you can go out for a walk as well. Best part the Tonbridge Castle. If you ever come to England you should definitely see a castle.


5.Midnight walk


One Friday evening I was still at work when I had a call from a friend and suggested we go out for dinner at Covent Garden. Drinks followed up. It was almost midnight when we decided to leave, so I didn’t go to nearest Tube station but I decide to walk to the next one. That night almost midnight, I saw the Big Ben and London Eye. It was quite magical, since not many people were there at the time. I stood by at Golden Jubilee Bridge and admired the sparkly river Thames while the boats where passing by.


So if you guys thinking on coming to stay in London or just visiting, I say go for it. Its once in a lifetime experience. All you need the people that you love.




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