Life is full of surprises..You may ask yourself why is life so full of surprises, but there are many reasons as to why life is so surprising. One reason why life is so unpredictable is because of the many different choices we make in life. Some of these choices are good ones and others are not so good, and sometimes we live to regret a lot of the decisions we make.  If you want life to go well then you have to make good choices for yourself. This all should start when we are young; we need to think about what we want out of life. We should think about where we want to be in life by a certain age, and then we need to plan. If we would just plan there would not be any surprises in life. You know that old saying about we don’t plan to fail in life we just don’t plan, and that is why we fail. There is so much truth to that statement, and if you just really listen to what it says then you would understand what it is you really need to do for yourself. Life does not always have to be a complete surprise just know what you want and set the stage for it.

Always keep company with people who are positive, because it will rub off on you to. Positive people are lucky people because they look at life different from others, so things for them just have a way of just working out in a positive way. For myself I think that life was so surprising because I did not plan, and I did not make good choices sometimes. But all of that can change for you because it did for me. All it takes is just a little change of the mine and a little determination then you are on your way. So don’t let life catch you off guard and derail you from having the type of enjoyment you should have out of life. It only takes a moment to think about what you really want for yourself, and when you know what it is, go for it.

In life it pays to listen to the advice of people who are more knowledgeable than yourself. I know that when you are really young you think that there is no one more knowledgeable. But believe me there really is someone smarter. They can help you make good choices in life so that there will not be any surprises. So please, when you are young don’t just listen to your own advice because there are really other people and love ones out there who knows best. Just take the time to listen to them, and you will see that you will get the biggest payoff from it that you could ever imagine. Life will be so good for you, and there will not be any unwanted surprises.

Someone told me once that life is art..and we  are all artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality…mix the colors your own way and apply emotion liberally.  Don’t be afraid to let your brushstrokes show, and above all else, make sure your art has soul..


Life is full of surprises and shocks 
while we are planning and deciding
our next move,
our course of action
It moves in opposite direction,
without warning
while we spend a lifetime,
thinking and planning about our future… …….. ourloved ones   

It takes a step further beyond our thinking
everything about life is always uncertain
the only thing constant thing          about it is
it always moving
so keep moving,
keep smiling always..Because Life is full of surprises!!

 xoxo Maria Pasiali


  1. Lovely words ,lovely post….life is indeed full of surprises,everything happening for a reason😄
    Love your outfit BTW😍


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