Shake up,Wake up the happiness..It’s Christmas time.


This time last year, I was in Thessaloniki for a trip with my friends and this year after many things that happened to me I live now in Thessaloniki.In such a small period I got so many friends and the reason is itsmarifashion.com. Some weeks ago I got an idea about a Xmas project.


[000312]I wanted to show the creations, I designed for Christmas parties. So I write a post on facebook calling everyone who wanted to participate in my Xmas project.


k (1)


I get crazy when I saw that so many people who didn’t know me in person, send me message. Without money,without anything they came and participated.

8 (3)

I’m sad because some couldn’t come the day I made the project because they wasn’t in city but I just wanna say ”Thanks” to everyone who message me and to those who came and with cold weather they just smiled and made me so happy..







After so many things I lived in my life, this year was the worst..I lost my hero..my daddy it’s not here to help me decoratε the Christmas tree..that’s why I won’t have again Christmas tree.. But my friends didn’t let me alone..they gave me love and reason to smile again even if my heart cries inside..I deeply believe that there is not better thing from love..I feel blessed that I have so many good friends who support and help me always.







They made me happy this Christmas..Xmas project wouldn’t be without them. In this post I don’t want to say anything else.. I just let my feelings touch your heart. I hope you like it and the dresses I designed for the girls,which are all for sell in very low prices.



uii (1)


Wish to everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year with peace and only love.Don’t forget to smile and dream..Let the christmas spirit touch you..

Thank you

Lina Paliaikou,Viki Rowland,Katerina Loulakaki.

Serxhio Hatzis,Stefanos Rafael,JouLiano

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