-HEY HONEY!! HOW ARE YOU? I’M DOWNTOWN AND I’M WAITING YOU FOR MY SECOND COFFEE!!!So..as I told you many times..I’m always here for you..If you wanna talk remember that #itsmarifashion is waiting your email.I will always reply to everyone because I love you all, and I wanna thank you for all those 4 years and for your support…Hope you enjoy my content..This is the reason I wanna write about you..As some of you know, there is a page on our blog…the #Streetstyle page where I write unique stories for each of you..So I’m waiting your emails or remember to tag me on instagram @mariapasiali   and you will be on the #Streetstyle story of the week!!

Don’t forget to try new combinations and play with your clothes..you will find out that you will make unique outfits and this is the point..to be different babe!!

Love you all!!

xoxo Maria Pasiali




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